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This journal is no longer being updated. The last recs were posted in 2010.

What this is:

Fic recs! All Star Trek. 99% slash.

Star Trek fics come from the following fandoms: Enterprise, Deep Space Nine, TOS, and Star Trek XI, and I tend to focus on the following pairings: Kirk/Spock, Spock/McCoy, Kirk/Spock/McCoy, Reed/Trip, Garak/Bashir, Kirk/McCoy and Sulu/Chekov. Those last two pairings I only read in ST:XI. That said, I'll read almost anything by an author I really like.

You may notice:

I like angst and dark stuff but but with happy endings. Not to say that you won't see any unhappy ones.
I HATE 99.9% of mpreg.
I LOVE first time fics. I have a preference for longer fics.
I usually dislike PWPs so you will see very few; my PWP definition: sex for NO reason--give me a flimsy excuse and I'm there, especially if it's a funny one.
I don't care who tops.

You might not like:

I occasionally spoil a fic when I give trigger warnings and I sometimes reveal whether or not a fic has a happy ending.


If you can't get to load, try replacing the .org with .us in the url. The reverse applies as well, obviously.

Any links which point to should be changed to because of some hosting fuckery a while back. I think I fixed them all but I'm leaving this notice here just in case.

PLEASE check the author's individual story notes for warnings. They may be incomplete or modified here.

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